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JMarie Media Firm is now a Global Agency

Award Winning Public Relations 

JMarie Media Firm, brand mantra, is to provide exceptional customer service with passion, love, respect and integrity to all. Our business is unique because we provide phenomenal media services including effective public relations, marketing, brand representation, client retention, social media marketing, and business plan startups. Our goals are to help clients attract more leads and turn them into customers that generate revenue. It is our great pleasure and gratitude to create marketing campaigns for businesses, entrepreneurs and start ups to reach their targeted markets. Brand startups and expansion are our firm's Public Relations Specialty.

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Meet our CEO

My name is Jasmine Sykes and I go by the name JMarie. My business came about with my passion for writing and marketing. JMarie Media was founded in 2012, starting my career off as an editor for my magazine, JMarie Magazine. The magazine was created to become a platform for entrepreneurs in the Midwest region to showcase to the world what they had to offer. The goal was that the magazine would eventually expand nationally. That included doing live interviews via social media and Youtube. Well, that business required a lot of time and eventually, I wanted more. In my hometown, Milwaukee, WI, I felt as if I had reached my capacity. Because the city was so small, there was no room for growth. I graduated from college with a degree in business and decided I had an interest in Public Relations. That is how the birth of JMarie Media came about.

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